October 25 eclipse 2019 astrology

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A great site sponsor and introduction to Mayan culture! Fair trade organic coffee for sale shipped to your door. As I've offered you before, no eclipse of itself is "bad," nor do we have anything to fear. There is a lot of superstition about Eclipses, mostly focusing on "dreadful" or difficult elements that often seem to accompany them.

Eclipses are both dreaded and misunderstood recurring phenomena. Solar Eclipse effects usually last for several years, while Lunar Eclipse effects usually last for a few months. Today we'll discuss a lot about eclipses in general and a little about this one, as well as who is most affected and where. In following articles I'll elaborate on symbols, aspects, patterns, and what we can expect from this Partial Lunar Eclipse at 25 Capricorn-Cancer.

I've composed quite a few articles on past eclipses in the archives that bear re-visiting, since the Solar Eclipses of , , , , , and are still manifesting results, if traditional Eclipse lore is to be believed. Core material about the timeline of Eclipse effects can be found in the article, The Solar Eclipse - What It Means and Its Effect On Our Life, as well as many other elements of what we can expect from these recurring celestial events.

Links to recent eclipses are at the bottom of this article. While eclipses shut down some elements in the area of life house in which they fall, this is needed for growth, since we must bring some things to an end if we are to embrace newer, better ways of doing our Being. No Astrological event need be "bad," or have "evil" effects, regardless of whether we're using Vedic, Chinese, Western, or any other approach to figuring out cycles within "All-That-Is.

No matter where an Eclipse falls, we can turn it to good.

Favorable ways to use Eclipse energies can be seen by the aspects in eclipse charts as they impact our natal and progressed planets. And because time is an unbroken continuum, we can anticipate what is ending and let it go with grace and a sense of surrendering to a greater life in the becoming.

The choices we make at crucial astrological junctures bring pleasurable or painful circumstances, depending on what we need to learn. These choices are directly related to how evolved our planetary responses are. It is up to us to determine whether our Moon, Sun, Mercury or any other natal planet involved in eclipses, "bad" aspects, and configurations manifests productively or non-productively. From the NASA site, we see the magnitude is.

The Penumbral phase begins at UT, and the Umbral phase begins at It will be visible in South America at moonrise, and east Asia and Oz at moonset.

Table of Eclipse Dates from 1994 to 2030

It will be fully visible in Africa, Europe, and west Asia. Besides these regions of the world, it will also impact all who have late Cancer and Capricorn on the angles, or any planet in that part of the zodiac.

Deep Astrology Weekly Horoscope Solar Eclipse Cancer July 2 - 8 2019 & Mercury Retrograde W/ Mars

This Partial Lunar Eclipse in Cancer-Capricorn over the next few months will lead us to blessings and power to take leadership positions, expressed in ways and means of achieving security in practical forms. We will all have opportunities to grow in our ability to care for something or someone, as well as leave old inhibitions behind which were based in ancient defeats leading to spiritual victories. While there will be polarization and realizations due to the oppositions, there are also very favorable indicators in Mars trine Jupiter and Venus trine Neptune.

With Venus quintile Uranus, we will see the growth of the foundations of a new quality of life already in the making.

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This quintile will bring unique individualizing circumstances over the next few months, especially wherever we have early Taurus and mid-Cancer. Areas specifically affected include Taurus, Cancer, 28 Virgo-2 Libra, Sagittarius, and Aquarius. Though there are always endings associated with any Eclipse, these open the space we need to align with Spirit in natural and productive ways.

Take a new look to see what really matters and what you do and do not want to bring with you into the new world opening before your very eyes. Good ways to use this eclipse include accepting the grace of blessing to become a leader in some way and being alertly ready to act without falling into confusion or drifting. Confront any need to reclaim power that was locked up in the past, and see it all as a friendly competition as you come to the seed knowledge you will need in your new future life.

There is a lot of love, transfiguration, and power promised by this Eclipse chart.

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New strengths and new vision are coming forth over the next few months. You can follow the internal links in this article to the previous articles about this specific Eclipse. As with the previous links, follow the internal links in this one to the previous articles about this Eclipse. Again, go to parts 1 and 3 to find out the Sabian Symbols, aspects, Jones pattern, and all the other details about its qualities. Parts 1 and 3 have Sabian Symbols, aspects, Jones pattern, and all the other details about its qualities. The energy behind this Eclipse is intense, and beams of energy will flow from the darkness and from the light to expose our shadows and things we have been hiding that we need to release.

While releasing and endings are a big theme of this Eclipse, there is something deeper happening here too. This Eclipse is not just guiding us to release and bring closure to things that have served their time, it is also guiding us to stretch; to stretch the limits of our mind, our body, and our soul. We all know how good it feels after taking a big stretch. Knots can be released, you feel more aligned and elongated, and there is more space for blood and energy to flow freely.

That is the work of this Eclipse. It will be stretching us, cracking us, helping us to release the knots and tensions of the past. It will be stretching us from one end to the other so we can find our true alignment.

Your Horoscope ~ Chani Nicholas

Under the energy of this Eclipse, we may feel like we are being stretched to our limits or pulled in two different directions. We may have to choose a path, or we may feel torn between one mode of action versus another. A decision will have to be made, but the Eclipse will be your guide and will deliver the answers in the perfect timing.

While we wait to see which path is the best fit for our souls, we have to remember to keep stretching and opening. We have to work on letting go of the things that we know have no place in our hearts and minds, as this work will free us up to make those judgment calls and decisions that will affect the next chapter of our lives. If something in your life has been weak or crumbling, the Eclipse may also bring that final push you have been looking for.

Astrological Significance of the Eclipses

Stay open and see where this Eclipse guides you to release, to let go, and to bring closure. This Eclipse is also connected to the Solar Eclipse we had back in January , so think back to what themes or lessons you have been working on since this time. Chances are there is a little more learning and growing to do, so be gentle with yourself and try not to force things to flow. Under the energy of the Capricorn Eclipse, we will also be reminded of how strong we really are.

Capricorn is represented by the mountain goat, and although it is small, it has the ability to climb any mountain it chooses. Using its nimble-footing, the mountain goat can venture higher than most; it just has to believe in itself and be guided by the right motivation. What is your motivation for doing what you are doing? What is your motivation for your actions and for your words?

Discovering what motivates you as you climb your own mountain will help give you the clues needed to make it the top. When an intense Eclipse like this passes through our energy field, we may feel a little stuck or stagnant, and this can add to the need to question things like our motivation. This questioning is necessary and important as it gets us to stretch our minds and to think differently for a moment. It allows us to open to new possibilities and to think about the things that are serving us and the things that are no longer.

While this questioning can be revealing, it can also be overwhelming and can create some anxiety and tension within our being. Understanding that this is part of the process can help, but so can trusting and knowing that you can do anything. I am strong enough to work through anything that comes my way. The Capricorn Lunar Eclipse may also bring questions of power and status into play. We may see this playing out on the world stage or even in our own lives. We may be questioning who we have chosen to give our power to and what we have our chosen to prioritize in our lives.

As the celestial bodies in the sky align for this Eclipse, it is going to be like two armies meeting on opposing sides of a field. Rather than fighting each other however, they are working together to bring healing, transformation, and growth to the person standing in the middle, and that person is you. Once these two forces have pulled and stretched you, helped you to work through some knots and some tension, you are going to feel taller, lighter, and more open.

Energy is going to be able to flow up and down and pass freely through your body, activating your soul and your energy centers. Under the energy of this Eclipse, we have to be gentle with ourselves. We have to allow ourselves to gently stretch and breathe through the knots and tight spots. We have to inhale and exhale until we feel our bodies melt and open. The July 16th Eclipse is one of the most potent and transformative points of the year, but we are ready for it, we are strong enough to handle it, and like all things in life- this too shall pass.

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